What I’m doing

Hi, I’m Jenilee, also known as carbonkitten. Welcome to adequatelyme.net!

To be honest, writing isn’t something that’s come easily to me. For many reasons, but the biggest one is because of the expectations placed upon me to do it. I did it a lot as a child and so it was expected that it would continue as I grew. I didn’t like that. If I was going to write, I wanted it to feel like my choice. (Silly, I know.) And here we are. It’s 2014, I’m 29, and I’m finally making the choice to write.

Here at adequatelyme.com I’ll write about whatever topic should happen to nag at my mind’s ear the longest (or loudest!) This is also an exercise in getting myself out of my comfort zone, a place that generally requires way too much mulling and worrying and such to be much of a productive place, frankly. If you ever have any suggestions or questions for me, feel free to chat me up at carbonkitten@yahoo.com. Thanks, and have fun!

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