Voice chats

It’s okay

It’s been a very very very long time since I’ve done one of these. (And yes, I hope that will be the last acknowledgement I make like that. Statements like that make me feel guilty.) But in a way, this also feels good to do. Maybe it’s like saying “Take that!” to my fears. Or, you know, maybe another wheel rotation. Either way’s good.

Voice chats

Late payment *wink*

Hi, everyone,

It’s been a while since my last voice memos, partially because of my wisdom teeth and being busy, but mostly because it still makes me nervous! Time to shake it off and go!

Anyway, these are a little short, but they were sort of fun to do. You’ll hear vocal changes in the third song- I can’t help it; that’s how the character sings it, and I can’t help but follow suit! Might do more like this, though it’s more likely to be original compositions in the future. Let me know if you have any requests!


Songs: “Serenata” -Luis Laguna

 “Bokutachi Wa Kore Kara” – Ranma 1/2/DoCo

“Akane No Komoriuta”- Ranma 1/2/Noriko Hidaka

Voice chats

Having fun with this

It’s actually true. Voice chats, and I actually had fun with it. It’s in two parts, as once I finished the first part I wasn’t quite done talking.

By the way, please bear with me if there are parts that get…mumbly. I speak very fast and sometimes it devolves into mumbling. I am trying to remember to speak more slowly (which I tend to forget once the giggles set in!) ‘sigh’

Voice chats

Another step with talking

I have been trying to get myself a little less ‘fraidy, and things like this seem to be helping. If you happen to hear sniffles, forgive me- my allergies aren’t raging, but they’re sticking around some. More excuses for drowning myself in rooibos!


Like I needed an excuse? Bring on the red tea!