Free writes

I can’t believe it’s snowing

Free write

Somehow this makes things really easy, just asking myself to type without filters. Well, without the obvious ones. I still can’t believe that after the ants came out, the birds sang their song, the squirrels fooled around, there’s a coating of snow on the roof. Yeah, okay, I’m breaking the free write to fix typos. Is it even possible to ignore them once you see them? Is that like an exercise in patience? I just can’t keep going if I see one, and obviously I don’t catch them all, but that’s like finding your phone on the floor and just letting it sit there while you mop around it. Ugh. No. Typos are evil. They feel evil. They get in the way of the way the words should be. Must eliminate typos. And yeah, ignoring them is so much harder on a computer screen. On paper, I can do it, mostly because if I were to try to correct pen mistakes, taking the time to white them out would break the writing stream. Heh, white out. I remember the days of white out. To me it was more like a thing to play with than a tool. Do kids even use white out these days? I don’t miss the classroom days, but it’s one of those times where I wonder how much things have changed.

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