So blue

If blue were something to be…what would it be like? Would I feel as the color coats me, finds a way through my skin to make sure it matches what I am like inside? The weight of paint, the chill of liquid…outside, and it sinks me down. I can’t touch anything else, or it will become blue, too.

What shade will do? Grey blue, soft cerulean, or would I be a blue so intense that in low light it makes my eyes feel like they’re vibrating? This color has a smell, and it’s not the scent of sadness.

Or would the color come from the inside, like painless bleeding? Well, painless as how the flesh knows pain, but something is leaking. It’s still heavy, though.

Let the pigment wash off; that’s what tears are for. I’m ready to be another color, something light, though I know blue will always be part of the rainbow. Thank you, blue, for letting me experience you.

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